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Closing times for Speakers' Lists:
The House agreed on 9 January 2014 that Speakers’ Lists should close at 6pm on the day before the debate (4pm on Fridays). For debates with speakers’ lists, it is thus no longer possible to sign-up to speak on the day of a debate itself. [Paragraphs 4.25-4.28  of the Companion.]

Attendance at debate:
A member of the House who is taking part in a debate (including general debates and debates on amendments or motions) should attend the start, end and greater part of that debate. In addition, it is considered discourteous for members not to be present for at least the opening speeches, the speeches before and after their own, and for the winding-up speeches. Ministers may decide not to answer, orally or in writing, points made by a speaker who does not stay to hear the minister's closing speech. Members who believe that they are unlikely to be able to stay to the end of a debate should not seek to participate in it (and if the debate has a speakers' list, should remove their names from the list). [Paragraph 4.32 of the Companion.]

Week beginning Monday 14 October 2019
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Tuesday 15 October 2019

Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 October:

There will be a single speakers’ list for days 1 and 2, on which it is expected the principal topics for debate will be exiting the EU, trade, foreign affairs and defence. Members speaking on either of these days should be present at the start of debate on Tuesday 15 October and at the end of debate on Wednesday 16 October.

Debate on the Humble Address on exiting the EU, trade, foreign affairs and defence

This list is now closed. View the ordered speakers' list (when it’s ready) here.
Speakers (48) in alphabetical order: Print this list
  • L Ahmad of Wimbledon (Minister)
  • L Alderdice
  • L Alton of Liverpool
  • L Anderson of Swansea
  • 5 L Butler of Brockwell
  • L Callanan (Minister)
  • L Campbell of Pittenweem
  • L Collins of Highbury
  • L Cormack
  • 10 Bp Coventry
  • B Cox
  • L Craig of Radley
  • B Crawley
  • L Desai
  • 15 L Dykes
  • B Finlay of Llandaff
  • L Flight
  • L Grocott
  • L Hannay of Chiswick
  • 20 B Hayter of Kentish Town
  • B Helic
  • L Houghton of Richmond
  • L Hussain
  • L Hylton
  • 25 L Jopling
  • L Judd
  • L Kakkar
  • L Kerr of Kinlochard
  • E Kinnoull
  • 30 L Liddle
  • L Loomba
  • L Mackay of Clashfern
  • B Miller of Chilthorne Domer
  • B Northover
  • 35 L Pendry
  • B Quin
  • L Randall of Uxbridge
  • L Ricketts
  • V Ridley
  • 40 E Sandwich
  • B Sheehan
  • L Sterling of Plaistow
  • L Taverne
  • B Tonge
  • 45 L Wallace of Saltaire
  • V Waverley
  • L Wigley
  • L Wrigglesworth
Thursday 17 October 2019

Debate on the Humble Address on economic affairs, business, agriculture, environment, energy and transport

Speakers (39) in alphabetical order: Print this list
  • E Arran
  • L Bilimoria
  • B Bowles of Berkhamsted
  • Bp Bristol  (Maiden)
  • 5 B Browning
  • B Byford
  • E Caithness
  • L Fox
  • L Gardiner of Kimble (Minister)
  • 10 L Greaves
  • L Hain
  • L Haskel
  • L Inglewood
  • L John Eatwell
  • 15 B Jones of Moulsecoomb
  • B Jones of Whitchurch
  • L Kirkhope of Harrogate
  • B Kramer
  • L Leigh of Hurley
  • 20 L Livermore
  • B Mallalieu
  • L Morris of Aberavon
  • B Neville-Rolfe
  • B O'Neill of Bengarve
  • 25 B Parminter
  • B Randerson
  • L Razzall
  • L Rooker
  • E Shrewsbury
  • 30 D Somerset
  • L St John of Bletso
  • L Stevenson of Balmacara
  • L Stone of Blackheath
  • B Vere of Norbiton (Minister)
  • 35 B Warwick of Undercliffe
  • B Wheatcroft
  • L Whitty
  • B Worthington
  • B Young of Old Scone
Thursday 17 October 2019

Debate on a motion persuant to the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019

Speakers (1) in alphabetical order: Print this list
  • L Duncan of Springbank (Minister)

Week beginning Monday 14 October 2019

Tuesday 15 October 2019



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