Virtual and Hybrid Proceedings

Most types of business now have speakers' lists. Members who are on a speakers’ list to take part in a virtual proceeding or to take part in a hybrid proceeding remotely will be contacted directly with the link to join that proceeding. 

In light of the current public health advice and the limited capacity in the Chamber, it will be assumed that Members will take part in hybrid proceedings remotely unless they indicate otherwise. If, after signing up to speak, Members wish to take part in a proceeding from the Chamber, they should email copying in their own Whips’/Convenor’s office. This must still be in advance of the speakers' list closing for that item of business. If there are more Members wishing to take part physically than there are spaces in the Chamber it will be for each individual party/group to determine which of their Members make the final speakers' list.

Speakers' lists for debates can be found here. Speakers' lists for oral questions, statements, PNQs and UQs can be found here. You can also click on the relevant section of the menu bar towards the top of this page.

The full Procedure Committee Guidance on virtual proceedings can be found here.

The closing times of speakers' lists for differing kinds of business are shown below:

New Main Chart

1: Oral Parliamentary questions; 2: for Committee and Report Stage; 3: Private Notice Questions; 4: Urgent questions


Sitting Fridays

The House resolved on Wednesday 25 March that no private members’ bills would be considered before Thursday 21 May. The arrangements for any further sitting Fridays will be announced in due course.