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(L) Aberdare
(B) Adams of Craigielea
(L) Addington
(L) Adebowale
(L) Adonis
(B) Afshar
(L) Agnew of Oulton (Minister)
(L) Ahmad of Wimbledon (Minister)
(L) Ahmed
(L) Alderdice
(L) Allan of Hallam
(L) Allen of Kensington
(L) Alli
(L) Alliance
(B) Altmann
(L) Alton of Liverpool
(B) Amos
(L) Anderson of Ipswich
(L) Anderson of Swansea
(B) Andrews
(B) Andrews
(B) Anelay of St Johns
(L) Arbuthnot of Edrom
(L) Archer of Weston-Super-Mare
(B) Armstrong of Hill Top
(L) Armstrong of Ilminster
(E) Arran
(L) Ashton of Hyde (Minister)
(B) Ashton of Upholland
(V) Astor
(L) Astor of Hever
(E) Attlee
(L) Bach
(L) Baker of Dorking
(B) Bakewell
(B) Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville
(L) Balfe
(L) Balfe
(L) Bamford
(B) Barker
(L) Barker of Battle
(B) Baroness Nuala O'Loan
(B) Barran (Minister)
(L) Bassam of Brighton
(L) Bates
(L) Beecham
(L) Beith
(L) Bell
(B) Benjamin
(L) Berkeley
(L) berkeley
(L) Berkeley of Knighton
(B) Berridge (Minister)
(B) Bertin
(L) Best
(L) Bethell (Minister)
(L) Bew
(L) Bhatia
(L) Bhattacharyya
(L) Bichard
(L) Bichard
(L) Bilimoria
(B) Billingham
(L) Bird
(Bp) Birmingham
(L) Birt
(L) Black of Brentwood
(L) Black of Crossharbour
(B) Blackstone
(L) Blackwell
(B) Blackwood of North Oxford (Minister)
(L) Blair of Boughton
(L) Blencathra
(B) Bloomfield of Hinton Waldrist (Minister)
(L) Blunkett
(L) Boateng
(B) Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury
(B) Boothroyd
(L) Borwick
(L) Boswell of Aynho
(B) Bottomley of Nettlestone
(L) Bourne of Aberystwyth
(B) Bowles of Berkhamsted
(L) Bowness
(L) Boyce
(B) Boycott
(L) Boyd of Duncansby
(L) Brabazon of Tara
(L) Bradley
(L) Bradshaw
(B) Brady
(L) Bragg
(L) Brennan
(V) Bridgeman
(L) Bridges of Headley
(B) Brinton
(Bp) Bristol
(L) Broers
(L) Brooke of Alverthorpe
(V) Brookeborough
(L) Brookman
(L) Brougham and Vaux
(B) Brown of Cambridge
(L) Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood
(L) Browne of Belmont
(L) Browne of Ladyton
(L) Browne of Madingley
(B) Browning
(L) Bruce of Bennachie
(B) Bryan of Partick
(B) Bull
(L) Burnett
(L) Burns
(B) Burt of Solihull
(B) Buscombe
(L) Butler of Brockwell
(B) Butler-Sloss
(B) Byford
(L) Caine
(E) Caithness
(L) Callanan (Minister)
(L) Cameron of Dillington
(B) Campbell of Loughborough
(L) Campbell of Pittenweem
(B) Campbell of Surbiton
(L) Campbell-Savours
(Abp) Canterbury
(L) Carey of Clifton
(L) Carlile of Berriew
(Bp) Carlisle
(L) Carrington
(L) Carrington of Fulham
(L) Carswell
(L) Carter of Barnes
(L) Carter of Coles
(L) Cashman
(E) Cathcart
(L) Cavendish of Furness
(B) Cavendish of Little Venice
(B) Cavendish of Little Venice
(L) Chadlington
(B) Chakrabarti
(B) Chalker of Wallasey
(V) Chandos
(L) Chartres
(L) Chartres
(Bp) Chelmsford
(Bp) Chester
(Bp) Chichester
(L) Chidgey
(B) Chisholm of Owlpen (Minister)
(M) Cholmondeley
(L) Christopher
(E) Clancarty
(B) Clark of Calton
(L) Clark of Windermere
(L) Clarke of Hampstead
(L) Clarke of Stone-cum-Ebony
(L) Clement-Jones
(L) Coe
(B) Cohen of Pimlico
(L) Colgrain
Colin Low
(L) Collins of Highbury
(L) Collins of Mapesbury
(V) Colville of Culross
(L) Colwyn
(L) Cooper of Windrush
(L) Cope of Berkeley
(E) Cork and Orrery
(L) Cormack
(B) Corston
(L) Cotter
(E) Courtown (Minister)
(B) Coussins
(B) Coussins
(B) Couttie
(Bp) Coventry
(B) Cox
(L) Craig of Radley
(V) Craigavon
(L) Crathorne
(E) Crawford and Balcarres
(B) Crawley
(L) Crisp
(L) Cromwell
(L) Cromwell
(L) Cullen of Whitekirk
(B) Cumberlege
(L) Cunningham of Felling
(L) Currie of Marylebone
(L) Curry of Kirkharle
(L) Dannatt
(L) Darling of Roulanish
(L) Darzi of Denham
(L) Davidson of Glen Clova
(L) Davies of Abersoch
(L) Davies of Coity
(L) Davies of Oldham
(L) Davies of Stamford
(L) de Mauley
(L) Dear
(L) Deben
(B) Dee Docey
(B) Deech
(L) Deighton
(L) Deighton
(L) Deighton
(L) Denham
(Bp) Derby
(L) Desai
(E) Devon
(L) Dholakia
(L) Dixon-Smith
(L) Dobbs
(L) Dobbs
(B) Donaghy
(L) Donoughue
(B) Doocey
(B) Drake
(L) Drayson
(B) D'Souza
(B) D'Souza of Wychwood
(L) Dubs
(L) Duncan of Springbank (Minister)
(E) Dundee
(L) Dunlop
(L) Dunlop
(L) Dunlop
(Bp) Durham
(L) Dykes
(L) Eames
(B) Eaton
(L) Eatwell
(V) Eccles
(B) Eccles of Moulton
(L) Elder
(L) Elis-Thomas
(L) Elton
(Bp) Ely
(L) Elystan-Morgan
(B) Emerton
(L) Empey
(E) Erroll
(B) Evans of Bowes Park (Minister)
(L) Evans of Watford
(L) Evans of Weardale
(Bp) Exeter
(L) Fairfax of Cameron
(B) Fairhead
(L) Falconer of Thoroton
(L) Falconer of Thoroton
(B) Falkender
(V) Falkland
(B) Falkner of Margravine
(B) Fall
(L) Farmer
(L) Faulkner of Worcester
(L) Faulks
(B) Featherstone
(L) Feldman of Elstree
(L) Fellowes
(L) Fellowes of West Stafford
(L) Filkin
(L) Fink
(L) Finkelstein
(B) Finlay of Llandaff
(B) Finn
(B) Flather
(L) Flight
(B) Fookes
(B) Ford
(L) Forsyth of Drumlean
(L) Foster of Bath
(L) Foulkes of Cumnock
(L) Fowler
(L) Fox
(L) Framlingham
(L) Fraser of Corriegarth
(L) Freeman
(L) Freud
(L) Freyberg
(B) Fritchie
(L) Gadhia
(L) Gadhia
(B) Gale
(B) Garden of Frognal
(L) Gardiner of Kimble (Minister)
(B) Gardner of Parkes
(L) Garel-Jones
(L) Garnier
(L) Geddes
(L) Geidt
(L) German
(L) Giddens
(L) Giddens
(L) Gilbert of Panteg
(E) Glasgow
(L) Glasman
(L) Glenarthur
(L) Glendonbrook
(Bp) Gloucester
(L) Goddard of Stockport
(L) Gold
(B) Goldie (Minister)
(B) Golding
(L) Goldsmith
(L) Goodlad
(L) Gordon of Strathblane
(V) Goschen
(B) Goudie
(B) Gould of Potternewton
(L) Grabiner
(L) Grade of Yarmouth
(L) Graham of Edmonton
(L) Grantchester
(L) Greaves
(L) Green of Deddington
(L) Green of Hurstpierpoint
(B) Greenfield
(B) Greengross
(L) Greenway
(B) Grender
(B) Grey-Thompson
(L) Griffiths of Burry Port
(L) Griffiths of Fforestfach
(L) Grocott
(L) Guthrie of Craigiebank
(L) Hague of Richmond
(V) Hailsham
(L) Hain
(B) Hale of Richmond
(L) Hall of Birkenhead
(L) Hameed
(L) Hamilton of Epsom
(B) Hamwee
(B) Hanham
(L) Hannay of Chiswick
(L) Hanningfield
(V) Hanworth
(L) Hardie
(B) Harding of Winscombe
(B) Harding of Winscombe
(L) Harries of Pentregarth
(L) Harris of Haringey
(L) Harris of Peckham
(B) Harris of Richmond
(L) Harrison
(L) Haselhurst
(L) Haskel
(L) Haskins
(L) Hastings of Scarisbrick
(L) Haughey
(L) Haworth
(L) Hay of Ballyore
(B) Hayman
(B) Hayter of Kentish Town
(L) Hayward
(B) Healy of Primrose Hill
(B) Helic
(B) Henig
(L) Henley
(L) Hennessy of Nympsfield
(L) Heseltine
(L) Hill of Oareford
(B) Hilton of Eggardon
(B) Hodgson of Abinger
(B) Hodgson of Abinger
(L) Hodgson of Astley Abbotts
(L) Hoffmann
(L) Hogan-Howe
(B) Hogg
(L) Hollick
(B) Hollins
(L) Holmes of Richmond
(E) Home
(B) Hooper
(L) Hope of Craighead
(L) Horam
(L) Houghton of Richmond
(L) Howard of Lympne
(L) Howard of Rising
(B) Howarth of Breckland
(L) Howarth of Newport
(E) Howe (Minister)
(B) Howe of Idlicote
(L) Howell of Guildford
(L) Hoyle
(B) Hughes of Stretford
(L) Hughes of Woodside
(B) Humphreys
(L) Hunt of Chesterton
(L) Hunt of Kings Heath
(L) Hunt of Wirral
(L) Hunt of Wirral
(L) Hussain
(B) Hussein-Ece
(L) Hutton of Furness
(L) Hylton
(L) Inglewood
(L) Irvine of Lairg
(L) James of Blackheath
(B) Janke
(L) Janvrin
(L) Jay of Ewelme
(B) Jay of Paddington
(B) Jenkin of Kennington
(L) John Eatwell
(B) Jolly
(L) Jones
(L) Jones of Birmingham
(L) Jones of Cheltenham
(B) Jones of Moulsecoomb
(B) Jones of Whitchurch
(L) Jopling
(L) Jordan
(L) Judd
(L) Judge
(L) Kakkar
(L) Kalms
(L) Keen of Elie (Minister)
(B) Kennedy of Cradley
(L) Kennedy of Southwark
(B) Kennedy of The Shaws
(L) Kerr of Kinlochard
(L) Kerr of Kinlochard
(L) Kerr of Tonaghmore
(L) Kerslake
(L) Kestenbaum
(B) Kidron
(L) Kilclooney
(B) King of Bow
(L) King of Bridgwater
(L) King of Lothbury
(L) King of Lothbury
(B) Kingsmill
(L) Kinnock
(B) Kinnock of Holyhead
(E) Kinnoull
(L) Kirkham
(L) Kirkhope of Harrogate
(L) Kirkwood of Kirkhope
(L) Knight of Weymouth
(B) Kramer
(L) Krebs
(L) Laming
(L) Lamont of Lerwick
(B) Lane-Fox of Soho
(B) Lane-Fox of Soho
(L) Lang of Monkton
(L) Lansley
(B) Lawrence of Clarendon
(L) Lawson of Blaby
(L) Layard
(L) Layard
(L) Lea of Crondall
(L) Lee of Trafford
(Bp) Leeds
(L) Leigh of Hurley
(L) Leitch
(L) Lennie
(L) Levene of Portsoken
(L) Levy
(L) Lexden
(Bp) Lichfield
(B) Liddell of Coatdyke
(L) Liddle
(L) Lilley
(L) Lilley
(Bp) Lincoln
(E) Lindsay
(L) Lingfield
(L) Lipsey
(B) Lister of Burtersett
(E) Listowel
(L) Lisvane
(L) Livermore
(E) Liverpool
(L) Livingston of Parkhead
(L) Llewellyn
(Bp) London
(L) Loomba
(L) Lord D S Rana
(L) Lord Desai
(L) Lord Macdonald of River Glaven
(M) Lothian
(L) Low of Dalston
(L) Lucas
(L) Luce
(B) Ludford
(L) Lupton
(E) Lytton
(L) Macdonald of River Glaven
(L) MacGregor of Pulham Market
(L) Mackay of Clashfern
(L) Mackay of Drumadoon
(L) MacKenzie of Culkein
(L) Mackenzie of Framwellgate
(L) Mackenzie of Framwellgate
(L) Maclennan of Rogart
(L) Macpherson of Earl's Court
(B) Maddock
(L) Magan of Castletown
(L) Maginnis of Drumglass
(L) Mair
(B) Mallalieu
(L) Malloch-Brown
(L) Mance
(L) Mancroft
(L) Mandelson
(B) Manningham-Buller
(B) Manzoor
(C) Mar
(L) Marks of Henley-on-Thames
(L) Marland
(L) Marlesford
(B) Masham of Ilton
(B) Massey of Darwen
(L) Maude of Horsham
(L) Mawhinney
(L) Mawson
(L) Maxton
(L) McAvoy
(L) McCluskey
(L) McColl of Dulwich
(L) McConnell of Glenscorrodale
(L) McCrea of Magherafelt and Cookstown
(B) McDonagh
(L) McFall of Alcluith
(B) Mcgregor-Smith
(L) McInnes of Kilwinning
(B) McIntosh of Hudnall
(B) McIntosh of Pickering
(L) McKenzie of Luton
(L) McNally
(L) McNicol
(L) McNicol
(B) Meacher
(L) Mendelsohn
(B) Meyer
(B) Miller of Chilthorne Domer
(L) Mitchell
(L) Mitchell
(B) Mobarik (Minister)
(B) Mone
(L) Monks
(D) Montrose
(L) Moonie
(L) Moore of Lower Marsh
(L) Morgan
(B) Morgan of Drefelin
(B) Morgan of Ely
(B) Morgan of Huyton
(L) Morris of Aberavon
(B) Morris of Bolton
(L) Morris of Handsworth
(B) Morris of Yardley
(L) Morrow
(L) Mountevans
(L) Moynihan
(L) Moynihan
(B) Murphy
(L) Murphy of Torfaen
(L) Myners
(L) Naseby
(L) Nash
(B) Neuberger
(L) Neuberger of Abbotsbury
(B) Neville-Jones
(B) Neville-Rolfe
(L) Newby
(Bp) Newcastle
(B) Newlove
(L) Nicholls of Birkenhead
(B) Nicholson of Winterbourne
(B) Noakes
(D) Norfolk
(L) Northbrook
(L) Northbrook
(B) Northover
(L) Norton of Louth
(B) Nye
(L) Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay
(L) Oates
(B) O'Cathain
(L) O'Donnell
(L) O'Donnell
(B) O'Loan
(B) O'Neill of Bengarve
(B) O'Neill of Bengarve
(L) O'Neill of Clackmannan
(L) O'Neill of Gatley
(B) Oppenheim-Barnes
(B) Osamor
(L) O'Shaughnessy
(L) Ouseley
(L) Owen
(L) Oxburgh
(Bp) Oxford
(E) Oxford and Asquith
(L) Paddick
(L) Palmer
(L) Palmer of Childs Hill
(L) Palumbo
(L) Palumbo of Southwark
(L) Pannick
(L) Parekh
(B) Parminter
(L) Patel
(L) Patel of Blackburn
(L) Patel of Bradford
(L) Patten
(L) Patten of Barnes
(L) Paul
(L) Pearson of Rannoch
(E) Peel
(L) Pendry
(Bp) Peterborough
(L) Phillips of Worth Matravers
(L) Pickles
(B) Pidding
(B) Pidding
(B) Pinnock
(B) Pitkeathley
(L) Plant of Highfield
(L) Polak
(L) Ponsonby of Shulbrede
(L) Popat
(L) Porter of Spalding
(Bp) Portsmouth
(L) Powell of Bayswater
(B) Prashar
(L) Prescott
(L) Price
(B) Primarolo
(L) Prior of Brampton
(B) Prosser
(L) Purvis of Tweed
(L) Puttnam
(B) Quin
(L) Radice
(B) Ramsay of Cartvale
(L) Ramsbotham
(L) Rana
(L) Randall of Uxbridge
(B) Randerson
(L) Ravensdale
(B) Rawlings
(L) Razzall
(L) Rea
(L) Reay
(B) Rebuck
(L) Redesdale
(B) Redfern
(L) Rees of Ludlow
(L) Reid Of Cardowan
(L) Renfrew of Kaimsthorn
(L) Rennard
(L) Ribeiro
(L) Richards of Herstmonceux
(L) Ricketts
(V) Ridley
(L) Risby
(L) Robathan
(L) Roberts of Llandudno
(L) Robertson of Port Ellen
(Bp) Rochester
(B) Rock
(L) Rodgers of Quarry Bank
(L) Rogan
(L) Rogers of Riverside
(L) Rooker
(L) Rose of Monewden
(L) Rosser
(E) Rosslyn
(L) Rotherwick
(L) Rowe-Beddoe
(L) Rowlands
(B) Royall of Blaisdon
(L) Russell of Liverpool
(L) Ryder of Wensum
(L) Saatchi
(L) Sacks
(L) Sainsbury of Preston Candover
(L) Sainsbury of Turville
(Bp) Salisbury
(E) Sandwich
(L) Sassoon
(B) Sater
(L) Saville of Newdigate
(L) Sawyer
(B) Scotland of Asthal
(B) Scott of Bybrook
(L) Scott of Foscote
(B) Scott of Needham Market
(L) Scriven
(B) Seccombe
(E) Selborne
(L) Selkirk of Douglas
(L) Selsdon
(B) Shackleton of Belgravia
(L) Sharkey
(B) Sheehan
(L) Sheikh
(B) Shephard of Northwold
(L) Sherbourne of Didsbury
(B) Sherlock
(B) Shields
(L) Shinkwin
(L) Shipley
(E) Shrewsbury
(E) Shrewsbury
(L) Shutt of Greetland
(V) Simon
(L) Singh of Wimbledon
(L) Skidelsky
(B) Smith of Basildon
(L) Smith of Clifton
(L) Smith of Finsbury
(B) Smith of Gilmorehill
(L) Smith of Hindhead
(L) Smith of Kelvin
(L) Smith of Leigh
(B) Smith of Newnham
(L) Snape
(L) Soley
(D) Somerset
(Bp) Southwark
(L) Spicer
(Bp) St Albans
(L) St John of Bletso
(E) Stair
(B) Stedman-Scott (Minister)
(L) Steel of Aikwood
(L) Stephen
(L) Sterling of Plaistow
(B) Stern
(L) Stern of Brentford
(L) Stevens of Kirkwhelpington
(L) Stevens of Ludgate
(L) Stevenson of Balmacara
(L) Stevenson of Coddenham
(L) Stirrup
(L) Stoddart of Swindon
(L) Stone of Blackheath
(L) Stoneham of Droxford
(L) Storey
(B) Stowell of Beeston
(L) Strasburger
(L) Strathclyde
(B) Stroud
(L) Stunell
(L) Sugar
(B) Sugg (Minister)
(L) Suri
(B) Suttie
(L) Swinfen
(B) Symons of Vernham Dean
(L) Taverne
(B) Taylor of Bolton
(L) Taylor of Goss Moor
(L) Taylor of Holbeach
(L) Taylor of Warwick
(L) Tebbit
(Abp) Test User
(L) Teverson
(L) Thomas of Cwmgiedd
(L) Thomas of Gresford
(B) Thomas of Winchester
(B) Thornhill
(B) Thornton
(L) Thurlow
(V) Thurso
(L) Tomlinson
(B) Tonge
(L) Tope
(L) Touhig
(L) Trees
(L) Trefgarne
(V) Trenchard
(V) Trenchard
(L) Trevethin and Oaksey
(L) Triesman
(L) Trimble
(L) True
(Bp) Truro
(L) Truscott
(L) Truscott
(L) Tugendhat
(L) Tunnicliffe
(L) Turnberg
(L) Turnbull
(L) Turnbull
(L) Turner of Ecchinswell
(L) Tyler
(B) Tyler of Enfield
(L) Tyrie
(B) Uddin
(V) Ullswater
(B) Vadera
(B) Valentine
(L) Vallance of Tummel
(L) Vaux of Harrowden
(B) Vere of Norbiton (Minister)
(L) Verjee
(B) Verma
(L) Vinson
(L) Wade of Chorlton
(L) Wakeham
(L) Waldegrave of North Hill
(L) Walker of Aldringham
(L) Walker of Gestingthorpe
(L) Wallace of Saltaire
(L) Wallace of Tankerness
(B) Walmsley
(L) Warner
(B) Warsi
(B) Warwick of Undercliffe
(L) Wasserman
(B) Watkins of Tavistock
(B) Watkins of Tavistock
(L) Watson of Invergowrie
(L) Watson of Richmond
(L) Watts
(V) Waverley
(V) Waverley
(L) Wei
(D) Wellington
(L) West of Spithead
(B) Wheatcroft
(B) Wheeler
(B) Whitaker
(L) Whitby
(L) Whitty
(L) Wigley
(B) Wilcox
(L) Willetts
(L) Williams of Elvel
(L) Williams of Oystermouth
(B) Williams of Trafford (Minister)
(L) Willis of Knaresborough
(L) Willoughby de Broke
(L) Wills
(L) Wilson of Dinton
(L) Wilson of Tillyorn
(Bp) Winchester
(L) Winston
(B) Wolf of Dulwich
(L) Wolfson of Aspley Guise
(L) Wood of Anfield
(L) Woolf
(L) Woolmer of Leeds
(Bp) Worcester
(B) Worthington
(L) Wrigglesworth
(L) Wright of Richmond
(B) Wyld
(Abp) York
(L) Young of Cookham
(L) Young of Graffham
(B) Young of Hornsey
(L) Young of Norwood Green
(B) Young of Old Scone
(V) Younger of Leckie (Minister)
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